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International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Research Technology

Volume 6 Issue 1 (January 2020)

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Title : Modeling of Collision Risk of Intelligent Ships in Open Waters

Authors : Lu-lu ZHANG, Xiao-yuan WANG, Shi-jie Liu, Jun-yan Han

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Abstract :

Ship collision risk is a fuzzy concept, which refers to the measurement of the possibility of collision between ships, and is a kind of early warning of possible danger in the future.The existing research on multi-ship collision risk is based on the evaluation method of two-ship collision risk, and the collision risk degree of target ship and each interfering ship is calculated separately, which is used to determine to avoid the ship. This method has a large gap with the actual situation and has certain defects. In open waters with fewer ships, it has certain accuracy, but it cannot accurately represent the degree of danger of the environment in which the target ship is located in busy waters. Lack of an assessment of the overall risk of the target vessel's perceived area. On the basis of the regional analysis of the ship's encounter, this paper analyzes the ship collision risk degree by combining the idea of velocity obstacles. The impact of multiple interfering vessels in the area on the target vessel was considered for the overall collision risk assessment.


Title : Research on Ship Domain in Restricted Waters

Authors : Yifei Sun,Xiaoyuan WANG,Shijie Liu, Junyan Han

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Abstract :

The ship domain refers to a piece of water around the target ship that other ships are not allowed to enter in order to ensure navigation safety. It is widely used in the fields of ship collision avoidance and ship navigation risk assessment. The existing researches on ship domain are mainly focused on open waters, which are relatively fixed and cannot change with the navigation environment in real time. In this paper, factors such as the speed and heading of interfering ships, the distance between the interfering ships and the target ship, the bank effect and interaction effect between ships were analyzed according to the multi-ships encounter situation in the restricted waters. The ship domain which changed in real time with the multi-ships encounter situation in the restricted waters was established to provide a basis for safe navigation of the ship.