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International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Research Technology

Volume 5 Issue 9 (September 2019)

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Title : Design of Four Wheel Drive Four Wheel Steering AGV And Trajectory Tracking Control Research

Authors : Hao Sun, Ruijun Liu, Chaoshan Zhao, Haoran Wei

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Abstract :

A four-wheel independent driving and four-wheel independent steering platforms is present in this paper. Compared with the Mecanum wheel, it has the advantages of simple processing, high motion efficiency, strong bearing capacity, and can adapt to complex factory conditions. Firstly, the omnidirectional kinematics model is constructed, and the kinematics analysis is carried out to obtain the relationship between the rotational speed and the rotation angle under different steering modes. Secondly, in order to realize the trajectory tracking control of omnidirectional mobile platform, the lateral deviation trajectory tracking control algorithm of omnidirectional mobile platform is proposed. In order to achieve accurate trajectory tracking and provide sufficient corrective ability for trajectory tracking, a hierarchical control strategy is proposed. Finally, the actual vehicle experiment proves that the full steering mobile platform has good motion effect and can meet the requirements of working conditions, which provides a certain reference for the application of AGV in the industrial field.


Title : Finite element analysis of different hardness O-rings

Authors : Mingjun Xu

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Abstract :

This paper uses finite element analysis software to analyze the sealing performance of O-rings with certain initial compression ratio and different rubber hardness. The relationship between the maximum Mises stress and the maximum contact stress of the O-ring in the initial state and the working pressure of 32MPa and the hardness of the material. The sealing length of the sealing ring is not affected by the hardness of the material; the greater the hardness of the sealing ring, the higher the equivalent pressure.