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International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Research Technology

Volume 5 Issue 10 (October 2019)

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Title : Noise Analysis and Structure Optimization of High Pressure Throttle Valve

Authors : Yongjian Zheng, Tao Zeng, Cong Shen, Zhengtao Li, Fei Xiao

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Abstract :

At present, the generation of gas flow noise in the throttle valve is mainly analyzed by simulating the internal flow field of the throttle valve. The mechanism study of the aerodynamic noise of the valve can be calculated by detailed analysis of the internal flow field. Correlation characteristics and flow parameters of the internal flow field. The results show that the velocity of the incident flow reaches the supersonic speed due to the throttling effect of the cage in the throttle valve, and the incident flow collides with each other in the throttle valve, and shock waves are generated, forming turbulence of different sizes and The shock structure creates noise. In this paper, through Fluent software simulation, it is found that changing the incident angle of the orifice on the cage can change the internal flow field of the throttle valve, reduce the energy incident on the gas, reduce the turbulence and shock in the flow field, and make the flow of the valve. The field changes tend to be smooth, thus achieving the effect of noise reduction.