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International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Research Technology

Volume 4 Issue 8 (August 2018)

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Title : Numerical Analysis of Natural Convection in Square Cavity at Aspect Ratio 1

Authors : Manoj Kumar Sahu, Pushparaj singh, Mahendra kumar patley

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Abstract :

In this research work natural convection in two dimensional square cavities is studied numerically for differently heated air filled square cavity. Vertical cavity with two adiabatic and one hot and cold wall at aspect ratio 1 have taken for investigation. Naturally the heat transfer was investigated over the wide range of Rayleigh number from 103 to 106 .the fluid media is air in between the closure wall and a correlation of average Nussalt number are proposed for vertical cases of square enclosure. Solutions are obtained for several Rayleigh numbers with Prandtl number Pr 0.70 and aspect ratio 1.


Title : Research on Location of Underground Logistics Nodes in Xiong County, Xiong’an New Area

Authors : Zhang Qian, Zhang Panli

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Abstract :

Traffic congestion is one of the "difficulties" encountered by major cities in the world. The construction of ground transportation facilities is limited, the roads cannot be increased without limit, and the traffic demand is still increasing rapidly. Therefore, it is imperative to "overall planning the development of ground and underground space". "Underground logistics system" is being paid more and more attention by more and more developed countries. In view of the problem of traffic congestion, this article takes the Xiong county district of Xiong’an New Area as a case where traffic is congested as an example to carry out the location selection of underground logistics nodes in the region. Firstly, through the analysis of the traffic congestion index in each region of Xiong county in Xiong’an New Area and the data of the locations of the central points in the region, the Stannaby point by point was calculated using a simulated plant growth algorithm to determine the number of primary nodes and their locations. Then use area coverage to determine the number and location of secondary nodes. Thereby completing the location of the nodes of the region.


Title : Research on Wind Power Dissipation Capacity Model of Considering Inter-provincial Mutual Aid

Authors : Zhang qian, Zhang Yuqian

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Abstract :

Due to the intermittent and anti-peaking properties of wind power,wind power-enriched provinces face system peaking and energy consumption problems. The construction of inter-provincial mutual aid is one of the effective ways to solve the problems of wind power consumption.In response to the current large number of wind abandonment phenomena,this paper takes Hebei Province Southern Power Grid Network in China as an example to establish a model for predicting wind power absorption capacity from 2018 to 2020,and establishes an inter-provincial mutual aid model that considers wind power transmission,forms the equivalent load curve and the wind power output after adjusting the contact line.The results show that the inter-provincial mutual aid construction can reduce the system's abandonment.Finally,this paper puts forward some effective measures to improve the capacity of absorbing wind power.