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International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Research Technology

Volume 4 Issue 7 (July 2018)

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Title : Research on Optimal Dynamic Shift Schedule of Six-Geared Automatic Transmission for Automobile

Authors : Nana Lv, Zhuowen Zhao, Jiashan Mi, Zhengbin Guo, Jinyu Qu

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Abstract :

To meet the dynamic requirements of the automobile, the optimal dynamic shift schedule of the six-speed automatic transmission for automobiles is studied in this paper. Firstly, the maximum acceleration as the basis for formulation and the vehicle speed and accelerator pedal opening as variables of control parameter were selected, and then the vehicle speed at the intersection of the acceleration between the two adjacent gears as the speed of the up-shift point of the gear was taken. Finally, we performed polynomial fitting interpolation for each shift point by using Polynomial of MATLAB software to obtain the best dynamic shift schedule curve. The results show that it can effectively play the power of the engine and improve the dynamic performance of the vehicle.


Title : Automatic textile sizing machine using PLC, VFD, HMI

Authors : Praful Chudasama, Vardhil Shah, Parmar Yash, Tushar patel, Nevil solanki

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Abstract :

The textile sizing machine is used for size of polyester, viscous and cotton yarns. These are many factors which effect the size of yarn like temperure, chemicals, speed of motor, bobbin winding tension and synchronization of motors. As we know as to control mention above factors we have to develop a fully automatic systems for textile sizing machine. for this purpose we are going to used PLC,HMI  and VFD drives ,In our project first we should control optimum temperure with respect to speed  to maintain set temperure of yarn, for controlling the speed of motor we will use VFD drives. For speed control of motor, synchronization of motor, set point of winding tension and to control the pressure of size box we used VFD drives based motor system. We also provide auto cut-off of machine when bobbin is full of desired level of yarn using proximity sensor. In our project we will develop automatic textile sizing machine using PLC, HMI and VFD drives.