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International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Research Technology

Volume 4 Issue 4 (April 2018)

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Title : Economic Evaluation and Analysis of Jinan-Qingdao High Speed Railway Construction Project

Authors : Kai Li, Hai Zhang, Juan Wang, Minghui Li, Chundong Li

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Abstract :

China’s economic and social development has been rapid, and the scale of the project construction has been large. The transportation network is gradually being improved and the railway as a major artery of the national economy has received special attention. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Shandong Province has also started construction of a number of railways. This article has established suitable economic evaluation methods and indicators for the Jinan-Qingdao high-speed railway construction project, and discussed and analyzed the financial and national economy. The analysis shows that the railway construction project is feasible and has a certain risk tolerance.