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International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Research Technology

Volume 4 Issue 3 (March 2018)

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Title : A Preliminary Study on the Motion Simulation of 15,000 - meter Drill Winch Based on AMESim

Authors : Qiang Fan, Song Tao Jiu, Peng Yu Li, Guo Jing Gui

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Abstract :

According to the development trend and requirement of the current drilling machine winch, the lifting simulation model of the 15000 m drilling machine winch system was established by using AMESim motion simulation software with 15000 m drilling machine winch as the research object. This paper analyzes the different working conditions of the winch static balance, the normal lifting, the constant braking stage, the emergency braking and the emergency braking stage, and obtains the movement characteristics of the system under different working conditions, and then obtains the different working conditions The maximum force of the wire rope and the dynamic load coefficient of the system. The simulation results have a certain reference value for the design of 15000 m drill winch.