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International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Research Technology

Volume 4 Issue 12 (December 2018)

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Title : Bearing Capacity of Square Footing on Sand Reinforced With Single Layer Woven Geotextile

Authors : Ashis K Bera, Anup K Dalal

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Abstract :

In the present paper a series of model footing tests has been performed on sand reinforced with single layer of woven geotextile. From the experiment it is found that with increase in depth of first layer of reinforcement beneath the footing ( u ) to width of the footing ( B ) ratio, the values of ultimate bearing capacity ( qru ) of footing as well as bearing capacity of footing ( qrs ) at any settlement ( s ) of reinforced sand increases  and reaches a peak value at certain u / B ratio after that it is decreased. In the present investigation optimum values of u / B ratio is obtain around 0.3. The value of bearing capacity of footing on reinforced sand is enhanced with increase in relative density ( Dr ) under study irrespective of any u/B values and s/B values under study. On the basis of the present model tests data an empirical model has been developed to predict the qrs in terms of bearing capacity of footing at any settlement of unreinforced sand ( qs), s/B, u/B, and Dr.