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International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Research Technology

Volume 4 Issue 11 (November 2018)

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Title : Remarkable Changes in Index Properties of Soil Due To Stubble Burning

Authors : Karamjit Kaur, Tarun Kumar Lohani

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Abstract :

Burning stubble has created a panic like situation among environmentalists. The concern does not restrict to environmental degradation but also has put the geoscientists to think of the issues related to low fertility and drastic change in the engineering properties of soil. To find the major changes in the engineering properties, the issue has been taken up at large. Three different locations have been randomly selected in a village of Tarantaran district of Punjab bordering Pakistan. Soil samples were collected at the instance of pre burning and post burning period of stubble. Different index properties like liquid limit, plastic limit, optimum moisture content, specific gravity and sieve size analysis were studied. During the study it was surprisingly found that most of the properties are significantly reduced. The analyses of soil samples have shown a decline of specific gravity from 2.6 to 2.37. The liquid limit changes by 2.34 whereas plastic limit changes by 3.2. In this study some remarkable changes were also noticed before and after stubble burning, Optimum moisture content decreased in all the areas whereas specific gravity also decreases in two of the areas. The liquid limit and plastic limit also decreases in all the areas. This implies stubble burning influences the index properties of soil on the whole.