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International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Research Technology

Volume 4 Issue 1 (January 2018)

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Title : DEM Study on Flow Characteristics of Granular Material in a Heat Exchanger with Immersed Tubes

Authors : Daichang Guo, Bin Zheng, Haotian Liang, Yongqi Liu, Peng Sun

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Abstract :

The heat exchanger with immersed tubes is one of the core equipment for recovering the waste heat of semi-coke. The particle flow in the heat exchanger is closely related to its heat exchange efficiency. In order to clarify the flow characteristics of semi-coke particles in the heat exchanger, a numerical calculation model of the heat exchanger was established by the discrete element method (DEM) in this paper. The process of particle flow in the heat exchanger was simulated by the model. The evolution of flow patterns, residence times and average velocity distributions of particles in the heat exchanger were analyzed. The results show that though the immersed tubes have a significant influence on the particle flow, the uniformity of the particle flow is good. There are major flow region of the center, major flow regions of the left and the right, flow around regions and boundary layers in the heat exchanger. The movement of particles in major flow region of the center is the fastest, in major flow region of the left or the right is the next, and in a flow around region or a boundary layer is the slowest.