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International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Research Technology

Volume 3 Issue 6 (June 2017)

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Title : Vehicle target identification algorithm based on 3D laser radar

Authors : Zhi Wei-ZHONG, Wen Qi-LU, Qiu Yu-YUE, Dong-KONG

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Abstract :

Aiming at the problem of vehicle target identification in structured road environment, a new vehicle target identification algorithm is proposed based on the contour projection characteristics of obstacle target cloud obtained by 3D laser radar. Firstly, this method uses the label method to determine the classification number of the target point cloud, and then uses the K-means clustering method to classify the obstacle objects. Secondly, the internal feature points of the clustering target are extracted, and calculate the angle of the feature point vector or the length of the module, and then accurately identify the vehicle target. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm not only can accurately identify the vehicle target in the structured road area, but also effectively suppress the interference of the obstacle and verify the effectiveness of the algorithm.


Title : Architecture of Static Random Access Memory Design Using 65nm Technology

Authors : Mr. Naveen K B, Mrs. Kavya K

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Abstract :

For those headway in innovation organization and sort for Utilization of the hardware gadgets in distinctive applications, request Tremendous size memories will store alternately transform those information. Regularly static  access memory (SRAM) cells would utilized because of its secondary Pace get to attributes. With the exponential increment in the Size of the memory, the force devoured Eventually  perusing those memorycells would Likewise expanding exponentially. Reversible circuits clinched alongside later a considerable length of time. Have picked up its premium because of its low energy qualities. This Paper proposes Reversible SRAM cell with read and write signals. The recommended plan minimizes the number of trash outputs. Eventually perusing 66. 66%, Quantum expense by 71. 5% Also Quantum delay by. 68. 5% over the existing plans. . This paper additionally explains the execution points of interest of 16 × 8 SRAM array exhibit with minimum trash  and quantum cost.