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International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Research Technology

Volume 2 Issue 11 (November 2016)

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Title : A robust feature extraction technique for content based image retrieval

Authors : V. Mahalakshmi, M. Pradeep

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Abstract :

In this paper, a robust feature extraction technique for content based image retrieval proposed. Most of the research scholars do with the different feature extraction for feature extraction techniques to enhance image retrieval recognition efficiency. Content based image retrieval algorithms concentrate on the local mean- nearest neighbor classifier and use its decision rule to supervise the design of a discriminator to verify the retrieval images from the training database. Firstly the input color images can be represented as different sub-blocks to take the features from the train database widely uses COREL database. Then those images are applied for local mean nearest neighbor classifier. The proposed method is a robust feature extraction for content based image retrieval gives better results in terms of recognition rate and less computational rate as compared to existing techniques.


Title : Restoration and Conservation of the Archaeological Glasses

Authors : Lakhdar Salim Guebboub

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Abstract :

The alteration of the glassy material resulting from extremely complex process involving both the chemical composition of glass and the environment to which it is submitted. In this context is our job to be focused on mechanisms for alteration of glass in water. The objective of this work is to provide some clarification on the first stages of alteration of glass exposed to the atmosphere and means of restoration of archaeological glass palace Ahmed Bey of Constantine. To assess and quantify the alteration of glasses, tests were conducted on samples of local archaeological glass such as chemical analysis RX glasses studied, the chemical durability, morphology by SEM and optical transmission, and an experimental accelerated deterioration in function of pH, time and temperature to understand glasses studied the faces various atmospheric factors. For means of restoration is the goal of this work, we opted for another method from sodium silicate (glass soluble), the results are translated by a spectral behaviour of the transmission glasses studied, which confirms the effectiveness of the method applied.


Title : Application of Waste Tyre-Tube Chips with Fine Sand for Subbase Construction of Roads

Authors : Joyanta Maity, Bikash Chandra Chattopadhyay, Debdip Sarkar, Debanjan Chakraborty

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Abstract :

Brickbats are conventionally used in the construction of subbases of flexible roads. However, use of brick bats in construction of road subbase is being discouraged due to environmental as well as economic reasons. On the other hand, the disposal of waste rubber tyre-tube has become a demanding work. In such conditions, fine sand mixed with randomly distributed waste rubber tyre-tube can be used to increase strength and decrease deformability in road construction in a cost- effective manner. However, extensive research is needed to study the behaviour of randomly mixed waste rubber tyre-tube with sand before their application in practice. This paper presents the stabilization of fine sand using randomly distributed waste rubber tyre at varying lengths and percentages by weight of sand. Compaction tests and California Bearing Ratio (CBR) tests were conducted to investigate the behavior of fine sand mixed with waste rubber tyre-tube. From the test results, it was observed that with the increase in percentage of waste tyre-tube chips in sands, maximum dry density decreases whereas optimum moisture content increases. Further, the CBR value of the composite at OMC, increased with increase in percentage of waste tyre-tube.